Land der Hildegard - Hildegard von Bingen

Eibingen Parish Church

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Hildegard von Bingen

„Like the fruits of the earth suffer damage through inappropriate torrential rain and like no fruits but only weeds can grow in unploughed soil, also a person who imposes more hardship on herself than her body can bear ñ as the effects of the holy discretion are weakened ñ will not benefit her soul through immoderate hardship and abstinence.“

(Letter from Hildegard to Elisabeth of Schönau)

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The »Land of Hildegard«

Ways to Hildegard of Bingen

Ways to Hildegard of Bingen

The »Land of Hildegard« on the rivers Rhine and Nahe is an ancient cultural region that is connected to Hildegard of Bingen like no other. Who follows the traces of the great visionary today, finds here, where marvellous landscape meets 2000 years of cultural history, authentic places of her life and works.
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